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The menu showcases carefully selected dishes. Caizo’s menu offers appetizers that tease the palate. These dishes reflect the soul of culinary artistry. Today dial the Caizo Hotline number and book an online order. Moreover, Health-conscious diners can enjoy salads and light bites. Those wishing to indulge have rich, flavorful entrees. Seasonal specials and chef-curated dishes keep the menu fresh. The menu invites patrons on an exciting gastronomic journey. Every visit offers surprises and delights.

Delivery Hotline Number

The Caizo Hotline is more than just a number; it’s your direct link to a world of flavors. With customer service representatives who are as passionate about food as you are, ordering from Caizo is always a breeze.

Phone Number 20 1050003993

Caizo Menu

Caizo Menu

High-quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and a commitment to flavor excellence make Caizo’s menu a beacon for food enthusiasts. In addition, the administration introduces different offers on different occasions which are updated regularly on this page.


Items Prices in EGP
Sandwich 99
½ Dozen Hawawshy 585
Dozen Hawawshy 1150

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich 58
½ Dozen Shawerma 340
Dozen Shawerma 680
250 gm Shawerma 225
500 gm Chicken Shawerma 440
1kg Shawerma 850

Meat Shawerma

Meat Shawerma 64
½ Dozen Meat 380
Dozen Meat 760
500 gm Meat Shawerma 430
1KG Meat Shawerma 840
250 gm Meat Shawerma 270
500 gm Meat 535
1KG Meat 1060


  • Tahini
  • Tomya
  • Pickles
19 {Each}


Small Water 19
Sobia 50
Mango 52
Mango Liter 130


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this couldn’t be truer for Caizo Photos collection of food. Each photo is a visual feast, designed to transport you to a moment of culinary bliss even before the first bite.



Accessibility is key to Caizo’s success, and its branches are strategically located to cater to a wide audience. Each Caizo branch reflects a commitment to providing a welcoming and comfortable dining environment, whether you’re stopping by for a quick meal or settling in for a relaxed dining experience.

Name Address Contact Number
New Cairo old Platz, Behind Petrosport Stadium, New Cairo 01050003993

Caizo Hotline is more than just a food service; it’s a gateway to a world of culinary delights that promises to enrich your dining experiences. From the ease of placing an order to the joy of exploring a diverse and vibrant menu, the visual allure of meticulously prepared dishes, and the convenience of finding a branch near you, Caizo ensures that every interaction is memorable. Dive into the flavors, celebrate the moments, and make every meal an adventure with Caizo.

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