Daddy’s Burger Menu, فروع

When your cravings lead you to seek out the ultimate burger experience, the variety at Daddy’s Burger Menu stands ready to satisfy those desires. With a careful blend of classic flavors and innovative creations, our menu is designed to offer something unique for every palate. Our offerings go beyond the ordinary, each burger crafted from premium ingredients and a passion for gastronomy. From the juicy Classic Cheeseburger that sets the standard for comfort food to the adventurous Spicy Avocado and Bacon Burger.

Daddy’s Burger منيو

Daddy’s Burger Menu offers a wide range of gourmet burger selections that cater to diverse palates and preferences. From the classic beef burger, enhanced with a secret blend of spices and premium toppings, to more inventive options featuring unconventional ingredients like blue cheese, truffle oil, or even vegan patties, there’s something for everyone.

Items Prices in EGP
Daddy Juniors Bundle 499
  • Smolder Smokey BBQ
  • Smolder Jalapeno
  • Smolder Cheese
99 {Each}
  • Chicky Hot Cajun
  • Chicky Mayo Club
  • Chicky Cheese BBQ
89 {Each}


Big Daddy Offer 250
Daddy Offer 125
Family 575
Trio 380
Duetto Offer 290
Single Daddy 150

Daddy's Burger


Burger Tart 670

Smashed Burger

Chili D 108-212
Special D 112-216
BBQ Burger 108-160
Pastrami Burger 120-172
Cheese Burger 104-208

Gourmet Burger

Old School 95-144
Garlic Mushroom 148-184
Fire House 112-156
Spicy Dill 112-148
Smoke House Sandwich 112-152
Smokey 132-168
Daddy Shrooms 132-164
Molten Lava 164
American Style 119-172
Milano 128-164
Gladiator 140-176

Chicken Sandwich

Greek Grilled Chicken 67-111
Fight Club 116-176
Ranch Chicken 95-164
Garlic Mushroom Chicken 140-200
Firebird Chicken 108-148
Buffalo Chicken 98-140
Explosion Chicken 124-192
Sriracha Chicken 116

Fresh Salad

Coleslaw 12
Rocca 36
Chicken Pesto 96

Daddy Special

  • Fry Bucket
  • Tortilla Chicken Popcorn
120 {Each}
Chili Punch Fries 52
Chili N Cheese 72
Texas Fries 108
Friend Box 184
Explosion 128
Crunchy Bacon Mountain 88


Texas 80
Classic 56
Bikini Fire 60
Lava 68


Mac and Cheese Cheetos 65
Mac and Cheese Texas 80
Mac and Cheese Crunchy Bacon 90
Mac and Cheese Chicken Pop Corn 105
Mac and Cheese 75
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Cheese Jar
  • Onion Rings
  • Crinkle Fries
  • French Fries
35 {Each}
Nachos 30
Wedged Potatoes 40
Chicken Finger 95
Chicken Wings 85-115

Daddy’s Burger فروع

Daddy’s Burger فروع symbolizes growth, community engagement, and the brand’s dedication to serving more customers. It highlights the journey of Daddy’s Burger from a single location to a chain that prioritizes customer satisfaction, quality, and local relevance in each of its branches.

Braches Address
Sheikh Zayed Rivulet Mall, 26th of July axis
Nasr City Child Garden
Maadi Courtyard Maadi
New Cairo Patio Dining Hub, North 90th Street

Daddy’s Burger doesn’t just excel in its culinary offerings; it also provides an ambiance and dining experience that complements its gourmet menu. The restaurant’s design, from the interior decor to the layout, creates a welcoming atmosphere that blends modern aesthetics with comfort. This setting, combined with attentive, friendly service, makes every visit memorable.

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