Pizza Station Menu, Hotline, Branches (فروع)

You’re planning a family dinner, a get-together with friends, or simply a quiet night in, Pizza Station combines quality, convenience, and taste to deliver an unparalleled dining experience. Pizza Station Menu has successfully established itself as a go-to destination for pizza lovers everywhere. With its extensive menu featuring a variety of pizzas, sides, and beverages, there’s something for everyone. Keep reading to explore the diverse offerings and find out why the Pizza Station menu should be your next stop.

Pizza Station Menu

The Pizza Station menu is a testament to culinary diversity and creativity. It goes beyond the traditional offerings to include a wide array of options catering to various tastes and dietary preferences.


Margarita Slice FB M L XXL
Chicken Barbeque 100 145 195 285 510
Cheese Lover 85 140 180 260 435
Vegetable Special 75 125 145 215 375
Margarita 55 115 135 195 345
  • Crispy Chicken Ranch
  • Chicken Buffalo
  • Marine Lover
115 {Each} 170 {Each} 225 {Each} 345 {Each} 555 {Each}
Chicken Ranch Jalapeno 115 165 215 320 535
Chicken Ranch 110 155 205 300 500
Italian sausage Pizza 85 145 180 375 475
  • Meat Lovers Pizza
  • Super Supreme Pizza
85 {Each} 145 {Each} 180 {Each} 275 {Each} 470 {Each}
Pepperoni Pizza 80 135 160 255 425
Sea Ranch 125 195 250 370 585

Folded Pizza – Stromboli

Supreme 145
Chicken Ranch 165
Seafood Ranch 185

Pizza Station Menu

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread 25
Cheese Garlic Bread 35
Pepperoni Garlic Bread 50


French Fries 35
  • Cheese Fries
  • Melty Fries
55 {Each}
Texas Fries 80
Buffalo Fries 100
Chicken Wings

  • 8
  • 16

  • 70
  • 135
Station Box 175


  • Pomodoro
  • Alfredo
  • 55 {Each}
Bolognese 70
Negresco 75
Seafood 145


Pepsi Can 20
Pepsi 1L 35
Mineral Water 15

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Orange 35
Mango 40


Solo Salad 20
Supreme Salad 45

Pizza Station Hotline

Ordering your favorite pizza is just a phone call away with Pizza Station’s convenient hotline. Skip the hassle of waiting in line or navigating through online menus – simply dial our hotline, and our friendly staff will assist you in placing your order.

Phone Number 20 1111115605

Branches (فروع)

With branches conveniently located across the city, Pizza Station is your neighborhood pizza destination. Whether you’re in the bustling city center or the tranquil suburbs, there’s always a Pizza Station branch nearby.

Branches Address
Sheikh Zayed Zed Park
Al Rehab City Chillout Boulevard Al Rehab Gas Station
New Cairo Fuel Up, First Settlement

Everything about the Pizza Station Menu is discussed in details which is available in every branch. At Pizza Station, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience that delights the senses and satisfies the soul. From our diverse menu offerings to our efficient hotline service and accessible branches, every aspect of your experience is designed with your convenience and enjoyment in mind. Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or eager to explore new flavor combinations, Pizza Station is here to exceed your expectations.

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