Stereo Restaurant & Cafe Zayed Menu, Photos

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Stereo Restaurant & Cafe Zayed menu stands out as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a culinary adventure that strikes the perfect chord between taste and experience. The diverse menu, vibrant photos capturing the essence of the place, and the overall atmosphere come together like a symphony, creating an unforgettable dining encounter.

Stereo Menu

Discover the harmony of flavors at Stereo Restaurant & Cafe Zayed menu. Explore the detailed review of menus, photos, and the unique dining experience that awaits in Zayed. Perfect for food enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable meal. In addition people can see the latest Daftar Menu Mixue and enjoy delicious food.


Items Prices in EGP
Shrimp Cream 125
Seafood Cream 120
  • Chicken Cream
  • Beef Stroganoff
100 {Each}
Chicken and Mushroom Cream 110
Boston Chicken 105
Mushroom Cream 95
Tomato Cream 70
Onion 75


Stereo Jumbo 230
Seafood Jumbo 245
  • Stereo Nachos
  • Chicken Bleu
  • Fried Shrimps
180 {Each}
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Chili Cheese Potato
150 {Each}
  • Onion Rings
  • Spring Rolls
110 {Each}
  • Chicken Strips
  • Sweet Chili Meat Balls
140 {Each}
  • Sauteed Shrimp
  • Blue Cheese Mushroom and Chicken
175 {Each}
  • Sauteed Mushroom
  • Sweet Chili Chicken Balls
130 {Each}
Crispy Smoked Chicken 145
Chicken Taco 160
Country Chicken Taco 170
Country Shrimp Taco 185
Country Shrimp Taco 185


Stereo 195
Seafood 205
Greek 145
Mixed Green 140
Quinoa Chicken 220
Caesar 150
  • Chicken Caesar
  • Mixed Cheese
160 {Each}
Shrimp Caesar 190
Chicken Fresh Mushroom 165


Grilled 240
  • Grilled Mexican
  • Grilled Chicken Fresh Mushroom
270 {Each}
Hickory Chicken 290
Italian Chicken Mozzarella 265
Grilled Chicken Chili Sauce 275
Country Fried 260
Country Fried Club 275
Hickory Country 305
Chicken Bleu 300
Chicken Bleu and Country 285


Grilled Fillet 330
Grilled Fillet Lover 430
Jumbo Steak 410
Smoked Caramelized Fillet 350
  • Grilled Fillet and Fresh Mushroom
  • Grilled Mexican Fillet
  • Grilled Veal
345 {Each}
Hickory Smoked Beef 360
  • Emince A La Crème
  • Emince De Veau
340 {Each}


Grilled Fish Fillet 235
Country Fish Fillet 255
Grilled and Country Fish 245
Grilled Fish Di Mare 275
Grilled Fish Fillet and Shrimp 365
Country Shrimp 380
  • Grilled Seafood Lover
  • Grilled Salmon Steak
410 {Each}
Country Seafood 420
Portofino 390

Stereo Signature

  • Grilled Fillet and Chicken
  • Country Veal and Chicken
375 {Each}
Hickory Smoked fillet and Chicken 425
Grilled Veal and Chicken 370
Country Veal and Panne Club 415
Rib Eye and Italian Shrimp Sauce 420
Rib Eye and Grilled Chicken 410
Grilled Veal and Country Chicken 380
Grilled Chicken Shrimp 370


Grilled Chicken 180
  • Grilled Beef
  • Grilled Shrimp
230 {Each}
Mixed 250
Grilled Seafood 225

BBQ Rice

Country Chicken 195
Grilled Veal 220
Grilled Shrimp 235
Grilled Seafood 230
Country Seafood 240

Chili Rice

Grilled Chicken 185
Country Chicken 195
Chicken Bleu 206
Grilled Seafood 230
Country Seafood 240


  • Negresco
  • Grilled Chicken Pasta
190 {Each}
  • Country Fried Chicken Pasta
  • Grilled Fried Chicken Pasta
  • Country Chicken Burger Pasta
195 {Each}
  • Grilled Chicken Cheese Pasta
  • Chicken Supreme Pasta
215 {Each}
Chicken Chili Pasta 120
Chicken Bleu Pasta 215

Stereo Restaurant & Cafe Photos

Photographs of Stereo Restaurant & Cafe Zayed do more than just showcase the food; they capture the essence of the dining experience. Each image is thoughtfully composed to reflect the ambiance and mood of the restaurant, from the warm glow of the lighting to the artful presentation of dishes.

Stereo Restaurant & Cafe Photos

The service at Stereo Restaurant & Cafe Zayed menu enhances the dining experience. It focuses on hospitality and guest needs. Staff members understand the menu well. They provide recommendations and are attentive. They ensure service is not intrusive. Every visit becomes smooth and enjoyable. The restaurant aims for an exceptional dining experience. Personalized service makes first-time visitors become regulars.

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