Zooba Menu, Hotline of Zamalek and Maadi Branches

This restaurant is not just about great food, it’s also about making a positive impact on the community and the environment. Zooba Menu is known for its innovative take on traditional dishes. This makes it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. The menu offers something for everyone, from hearty breakfasts to light lunches and satisfying dinners. It focuses on quality ingredients and unique recipes. The cozy and vibrant atmosphere adds to the dining experience. With hotlines and branches in Zamalek and Maadi, Zooba makes it convenient for customers to order or inquire about services.

Zooba Menu

This place showcases dishes that honor Egyptian culinary traditions. They add a modern twist to suit today’s tastes. The Zooba Menu features dishes made with attention to detail. It highlights local ingredients and bold flavors. For breakfast, try the Foul and Ta’meya (Egyptian falafel). These dishes are updated with unique ingredients like beetroot or avocado.


Items Smaller Original Plate
Lime 6.50 9.95 22.25
  • Tahina
  • Pickled Lemon
  • Alexandrian
7.50 {Each} 13.50 {Each} 23.25 {Each}


Menu Smaller Original Piece
Classic 8.50 12.50 3.25
  • Pickled Lemon
  • Eggplant
11.25 {Each} 15.75 {Each} 4.10 {Each}
Spicy 13.25 19.50 4.10



Product Regular Large
Koshari 27.50 46.50


Street 34
Spicy 40.50
Cheese 48.50


Product Original Plate
Chicken Shawarma 42.50 58.50
Liver 43.50 59
Sausage 45.50 59.50

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Basterma Eggs

  • Original
  • Plate

  • 33.75
  • 39.75

  • Original
  • Plate

  • 24.75
  • 33.50
Roumy 26.50
Grilled Roumy Cheese Taameya 28.25
Labna Fries 25
Tahina Fries 21.50
White Cheese Tomato 19.50


Street Sides 45
House Fries 25.50
Fried Eggplant and Peppers 22.25
Baladi Salad 21
Zooba Mixed Pickles 8.25


Zooba Bessara 30.50
Olive Labna 33.50
White Cheese Tomato 26.50


Baladi 2.50
Whole Wheat 2.75
Chips 8.25

Lentil Soup

Served past noon every day (November to April only). 19.95


Classic Rice Pudding 20.50
Zooba Rice Pudding 32.50


  • Hibiscus Limeade
  • Mint Limeade

23.50 {Each}

Arosa Mint Ice Tea 21.75
Bottled Water 10.75
Sodas 15.95
  • Tea
  • Green Tea
19.50 {Each}

Zooba Hotline of Zamalek and Maadi Branches

Maadi’s and Zamalek Zooba branches are located in a peaceful, leafy suburb. They offer a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The location reflects the neighborhood’s laid-back charm. It provides a cozy space for guests. Here, guests can enjoy their meals in a relaxed setting.

Zamalek Branch Hotline 16082
Maadi Branch Hotline 16082

Zooba’s menu takes you through Egypt’s beautiful landscape. It offers a taste of the country’s rich flavors and traditions. Every dish shows great attention to detail. This includes the choice of ingredients and the presentation. The aim is to provide an authentic experience that honors Egyptian culture. The menu features spice-infused dishes, refreshing beverages, and sweet treats. Zooba’s cuisine is meant to satisfy and inspire.

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